The famous Slap Bros. figures

Posted on Monday Jun 14, 2010

When there are no victims at hand, Rayman and Globox spend their time imagining new slap dispensing techniques. They inspire each other and here are a few artistic figures that came from their fruitful cooperation.


Some pictures of the game

Posted on Monday Jun 14, 2010


A little history…

Posted on Friday Jun 11, 2010

Rayman Origins is the story of two friends,  or rather two outrageous scoundrels that spend their time pestering the little magical folk.
Yes, in the beginning Rayman was more into handing out free slaps  than into world saving.
Strangely enough it is this  very eventful story we are interested in: how did this uncontrollable individual and his grotesque companion become the heroes that we know ?
Patience, the answers will come…