E3 awards !

Posted on Wednesday Jun 22, 2011

During E3, we told you about the first 3 awards nominations we received for Rayman Origins. Guess what : many more came after that, with a total of more than 20 nominations – and most of them turned into awards ! Check out the as-exhaustive-as-possible awards list hereunder (hard to keep up) !

  • Gamespy – Best Platforming Game, Best Art Direction – “Rayman Origins has just about everything you could want from a platformer [...] Even though we were expecting Rayman Origins to look great, we were blown away by just how beautiful it looks
  • VGChartz – Best Platforming Game, Biggest Comeback – “an art style that had the entire VGChartz E3 crew drooling for more
  • Games Radar – Best Graphics – “Gorgeous hand-drawn visuals make this one of those games you simply have to see in motion to believe
  • Game informer – Best Platforming Game – “the UbiArt framework for hand drawn design made Rayman Origins one of the most attractive games at E3 this year
  • 1UP – TOP 10 Best Looking Game – “Never before has a video game so deftly displayed itself as an interactive cartoon
  • G4 – Best Platforming Game (+ Best Multiplayer Game nomination)
  • IGN – Best Platforming Game
  • Destructoid – picked as Game of the Show by 2 staff members – “The presentation and graphics for this game were unlike anything out there right now, and the game felt great to play.
  • VentureBeat – Honorable mention – “Playing through the game is like watching a cartoon, and Rayman and his friend’s antics are hysterical
  • Xbox360Achievements – Best Rest of the Show – “If you love co-op, platforming and general random shenanigans, then Rayman will be right up your alley.
  • FamilyFriendlyVideogames – Top 3 favorite games, Favorite play together game – “a beautiful art style and a unique sense-of-humor
  • Shortlist – Best Platforming Game
  • GameRant – Best Action/adventure Game (nomination, awaiting result)
  • (FR) Jeuxvideo.com – Best platforming game – “Dynamic, funny, and absolutely gorgeous, Ubisoft Montpellier’s game is definitely a gold nugget
  • (FR) Gameblog – Best art direction, 2nd readers’ game of the show – “Rayman Origins – E3 2011’s breath of fresh air
  • (FR) Jeuxvideo.fr – Best platforming game (readers’ choice)

    E3 screenshots

    Posted on Thursday Jun 16, 2011


    E3 previews

    Posted on Tuesday Jun 14, 2011

    E3 is now over, and a lot of journalists had the opportunity to get their hands on Rayman Origins. Check out the articles list hereunder to read everything about their extremely enthusiastic impressions!

  • IGN : “The Best Nintendo Game Nintendo Will Never Make […] Rayman Origins is aesthetically gorgeous.”
  • GamesRadar : “hand-drawn gorgeousness Disney himself would appreciate”
  • G4TV : “I found my time with Rayman absolutely delightful, and I can’t wait to see what other visual inventions and glorious platforming sequences await me”
  • ThunderblotGames : “Rayman Origins’ is a true breath of fresh air. Having played dozens of games since, Origins still sticks out as the most vibrant, fun game I’ve seen”
  • GameSpy : “Rayman Origins is definitely one of the most visually striking games I’ve seen this year. [...] Within a matter of minutes, me and the strangers I was playing with were hooting and hollering like we were old friends. If that’s not the mark of a great multiplayer game, I don’t know what is.”
  • GamerRant : “Rayman creator Michel Ancel has crafted his most beautiful game yet”
  • The Escapist : “Adding to the great gameplay is the fact that the game looks fantastic. […] It looks like Rayman is on the verge of returning to his original glory”
  • GamePro : “The co-op platformer keeps the gameplay to the point and looks great while doing it”
  • TotalVideoGames : “Michel Ancel’s most enticing game since Beyond Good & Evil…”

    Tobuscus interview

    Posted on Friday Jun 10, 2011

    Youtube star Toby Turner aka Tobuscus came to Rayman Origins’ booth to play the game and meet Michel Ancel and Gabrielle Shrager.

    As we could expect with such an unusual game and such unusual personalities, this results in a pretty unusual interview – check it out!


    E3 booth

    Posted on Thursday Jun 9, 2011

    We know a lot of you would have loved coming to LA to play the game before everyone else. To make it feel (almost) as if you were there, here is a quick peek of Rayman Origins’ booth! If you take a close look, you can even see its creator on one of the pictures…


    Everybody loves Rayman

    Posted on Wednesday Jun 8, 2011

    Rayman Origins is receiving lots of praise on the show, and has even been nominated for Game Informer’s “Best of E3″ award and G4 and IGN’s “Best platformer” awards. Fingers crossed for our favorite limbless hero!


    E3 trailer and conference available

    Posted on Tuesday Jun 7, 2011

    Ubisoft’s pre-E3 conference is now over, and Rayman Origins’ presentation was amazing! If you missed it, re-live the whole presentation on Uplay or Youtube, and discover the game’s E3 trailer on Gamespot!

    A new website was also put online, which will gather all the media and info on the game. Check it out!


    First-look from Gamespot

    Posted on Saturday Jun 4, 2011

    A few journalists had the chance to see Rayman Origins before everyone else, and it looks like they enjoyed it: “Rayman Origins is showing a lot of promise, and if the titular hero handles as well as he looks, platforming fans will be in for a treat”Gamespot.

    They also published 4 new screenshots:


    Ubisoft Conference on Monday !

    Posted on Friday Jun 3, 2011

    The waiting is almost over! As you might know, E3 2011 is starting on Monday, with the Ubisoft conference happening at 2:30 (LA time). You can definitely expect Rayman Origins to be present there, and good news for all of those who won’t attend: you will be able to watch the conference live on Uplay & Youtube!


    Packshots !

    Posted on Wednesday Jun 1, 2011

    E3 is coming up, and things are definitely starting to get real for Rayman Origins. To help you get ready for next week’s big event, here are the current work-in-progress packshots of the game. What do you think?