DailyBubble #10 – El Mosquito

Posted on Wednesday Sep 28, 2011

HI-HO MOSKITO, AWAY! A moskito’s nose knows… don’t think! Just go-go-go! Saddle-up and enjoy the ride… Don’t you find racy pink divine? Oh, and don’t forget to FIIIIRE!


Around the world

Posted on Tuesday Sep 27, 2011


DailyBubble #9 – Secrets

Posted on Friday Sep 23, 2011

Confidential – The Glade of dreams is filled with hidden paths, places tough to reach, and secret passages. Seeing everything the first time around is impossible! Keep your eyes wide open for the trapped electoons… because if you don’t save them, no chest! And no chest, no cigar!


DailyBubble #8 – Invasion

Posted on Tuesday Sep 20, 2011

Explorers beware! After a particularly hot summer in the Glade, swarms of nasty little gnats have taken refuge in the refreshing shade of the singing grottos of our ancestors. Don’t be deceived by their small size: their bite IS worse than their bark.


DailyBubble #7 – Miami Ice

Posted on Friday Sep 16, 2011

Who says the tropics have to be sticky, hot and humid…? Welcome to Miami Ice! Slide on slippery sorbet slopes and dive into fresh frozen fruit cocktails to discover gorgeous glacial grottos… It’s paradise without the vice! (Or should I say, it will be once you’re done bubblizing all the belligerents…) Who needs skates or sleds when you’ve got a belly and a bum for sliding?!

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DailyBubble #6 – Ritual sacrifice

Posted on Tuesday Sep 13, 2011

What is green, small, round and easy to squash? Since the mystical munkeys announced the end of the world, the number of nightmarish catastrophe’s just keeps growing… And if the End has not yet arrived, the fakirs are convinced that it’s thanks to their efforts to appease the Bubble Dreamer! Chanting myopic mantras that bore us to tears is one thing… But sacrificing innocent green peas is going too far! No more turning a blind eye to this infamy!

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DailyBubble #5 – Abyssal Discovery

Posted on Friday Sep 9, 2011

When asked, “What advice would you give an inexperienced explorer?”, Commander Osteaucay replied, “Learn to swim… very, very fast!”, then after a brief moment of reflection he added: “After all, Red Wizards are not lizards! If you bite off our tail, it won’t grow back.”


While the uninitiated think that fruit and vegetables are only good for painting still lifes … Mamma Hité reminds us that all plants contain Nature’s secret to heath and hilarity.

Homer O. Pathy


Combat essentials; or how to spend a pleasant evening among friends.

Slap, smash or cast your way to victory… While all combat techniques are valid, the only one that really counts is the one that keeps you from being bubblized before your time! So, get all the kinks out, clean your feet and prepare the first aid kit… One small step for man, but one giant smack for humanity!

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